Friday, February 21, 2014

Product Review - Etude House Scrub Massage Bubble (Rice)


Some of you might already know this, I'm a huge fan of Etude House products. One of the reason is that they always give me new products to try for free !

Ok so I went to Setia City Mall last couple of weeks to top up my toner and sunscreen, I get Scrub Massage Bubble (Rice) for free.

The texture is very foamy. That explain the the word "bubble",

When I applied it on my face, I heard a "pop pop pop" sounds like bubbles pops. I don't really like the sound, haha. I have goosebumps when I heard it. Lol.

Despite the sound it makes, I really like this product. It really soften my face and my face feels really clean after I wash it off. And I notice that my face skin pores become smaller. 

I don't think i'm gonna re-buy it again, I prefer the face scrub that has tiny scrub particles. But its still a good product, worth to try it out if you don't like the face scrub that has scrub particles. I know face scrub that has tiny scrub particles hurt sometimes and it makes my skin looks really red after I wash it off my skin but I really like it when I massage it on my skin, it somehow makes me feels like it really exfoliate the dead skin, which I'm not really sure if this Scrub Massage Bubble can do coz basically the texture is bubbles.

That's it for now..Till then peeps ! Bubye :)

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