Friday, September 11, 2015


Hello there!

I'm so grateful and blissful for having friends that loves me, appreciate me and stick with me through tick and thin.

If there is one thing i'm proud of myself, that would be how I choose my friends. I don't really have many friends, and i'm ok with it, really. Its because people tend to see me as a person who have a very strong personality. So, strangers might think twice to approach me and have a conversation.

Or maybe, its just because i'm tall..hah -__-

So, because of that, usually i'm the one who need to make the first move. This can be a good thing and a bad thing.

Good thing is, I can choose my friends and the circle i want to be in. Bad thing is I don't have many close friends.

I'm proud to have these peoples as my BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE.

We've known each other since 2001.


Last month is my birthday, and these girls have been planning my birthday surprise for quite some time. It was quite hilarious if u ask me. They almost kantoi while doing the preparation. haha.

I actually been expecting it (the surprise party). Because we've been doing it every year now so I can guess it when Atikah (the one holding phone to her ear) took me to Bandar Botanic Bukit Tinggi, what she doesn't know is that the birthday surprise is for her as well!

Her Birthday is in July, but we didn't manage to celebrate it so its a double surprise!
Haha, comel lah awak ni semua tau ! :)

I really hope that these girls would always trust me, and stay with me, and although sometimes it seems like i keep myself distant, and quiet, they would know right away that that's just how I am as a person, and they won't leave me and forget about me (why is this getting emotional -__-)

Anyway, I've turned 26 this year! yeayy! (way to make me feel not old)

I wish for a merrier and happier life ahead. If I cannot have one, then i can make one ! :)

Suzie Yusuh

That's all for today. Toodles !

Hmm..Can I wish to lose fat as well for my birthday wish? -___-

Suzie Yusuh

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