Thursday, July 27, 2017

Suzie's Diary # 1

28th June 2017 - 12:02AM

As i was sitting on a couch today, my cat Abu was sitting near the front door, looking at the outside view. This is normal, he did this all the time.

I was reading a book at that time, i glance at Abu once in a while. He was really distracted with whatever is happening outside.

I made my own guesses, that he was listening to birds chirping, looking at butterflies flying, and once in while, turn his head around to the clicking sound of house lizards.

I wonder what's in his mind? Maybe

"oh I'm gonna catch those birds one day, that chirping sound of theirs is driving me nuts"

"One day I'm gonna learn how to fly just so I can catch all the butterflies, they're flying so happily it irritates me"

"That lizard again, it's mocking me coz everytime i catch it master will smack my head and force me to spit it out of my mouth. I'm gonna catch you day"

As the time goes by, I realized I've spent a good 30 minutes thinking of what might be in Abu's head.

And this happen occasionally throughout the day coz i need to get my head off the John Grisham's book titled Rouge Lawyer once in a while. This book is making me thinking a lot. I've finished reading it btw, it's such a great novel. Although I dislike the ending, i need more, say..5 more pages? That will do..

Anyway.. tomorrow is working day. Not looking forward to it coz my boss texted me this morning about work, and I've just read it 1 hour ago. Didn't even switch on my phone for 3 days. Hah..

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